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Model Number : SJ113
Product Name :  Slow juicer, Juice extractor


Model: SJ113

Power: 220-240V, 50Hz, 400W,, 

1.Wide feeding tube(81MM) for juicing whole fruits and vegetables.

2. AC induction motor, more durable.

3.Unique low-speed(37rpm) extrusion type juicing way (Utilizing Low speed squeezing system without heat,grinding or centrifugal force)

4.Natural and healthy fruit juice (Yields the maximum of nutrition ,vitamins,antioxidant,taste,color and juice from any fruit,vegetable or soybeans).

5.Low noise of 40DB, quiet operating.

6.Continuous extraction system, extract juice last for 30mins.

7.Overheated protect system,it stops and restarts when it's overheated.

8.Cold press juicing, squeezing, no oxidation.

9.Food graded materials, BPA free.

10.Quick and easy self-cleaning.

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